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Founded in 1998 by engineers and specialists with years of experience in the field, our company has a long tradition in the thermotechnics and ironworks sectors. From the beginning our main activity has been the assembly, maintenance and repair of industrial boilers and the afferent installations. A very important part being the design and execution of equipment such as pressure vessels, tanks, heat exchangers etc and other steel structures for use in different installations.

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Our experienced team of engineers are able to offer our clients solutions for many projects. For the most complex projects, in cases where we are not licensed, we collaborate with dedicated professionals and specific design firms to bring our clients the best solutions in designing of installations or specific equipment.

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In our fully equipped industrial workshop we have the capabilities of executing a variety of welded constructions and other steel constructions. Our trained and experienced personnel is available for on-site executions, such as assembly of structural steelwork, industrial boilers and chimneys, mounting of vessels, tanks, heat exchangers or other equipment, welding tasks, piping and other projects.

Instalcaz has received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates. Our engineers and welders are also licensed by the Romanian inspection and approval authority (ISCIR) and have proper certification (EN 287-1 for welding).

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