Industrial Boilers

In the field of industrial boilers our company has comprehensive experience, leading back to the local branch for mounting and repairs of the state owned national Boilermaking plant. Today we have the capabilities for on-site assembly of industrial boilers for production of hat water, warm water or steam, including the whole afferent installation, and for maintenance and repairs such boilers.

Assembly of industrial boilers

During our years of activity we have mounted and given into exploitation numerous boilers, including the piping and the necessary equipment for the Boiler Room and beyond, designated for:
– Production of steam for different usages, with flow up to 50 to/h, 16bar saturated or overheated steam, with solid, fluid or gas fuel
– Production of hot or warm water for heating or other functions, with strengths up to 100Gcal and any type of fuel

Industrial boiler Repairs

Our company is specialized in the execution of maintenance, repairs or modernizations to industrial boilers for production on steam, hot water or warm water, as well as other equipment used in termotechnical installations (distributors, degazers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels etc). Our services include chemical cleaning, changing of the tube bundle, refractory walls, thermal insulation, execution of insulation out of steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

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