Freestanding chimneys

The design, execution and assembly of Freestanding or Structural supported chimneys for industrial boilers, technological equipment or other usages is a field where our company has a long tradition.

Depending on the clients needs, industrial steel chimneys vary in height, diameter, material used, thickness of the walls etc. For the design of the chimneys it is vital to take into consideration seismic and wind factors. Chimneys of great height must also contain stairs and platforms, manholes, in some cases even signals for aviation. The on-site erection of such structures requires plenty of planning and involves a experienced team of welders and workers. For big structures cranes must be used for assembly.

Our company offers complete services, from design and planning to the on-site assembly of the complete project.

Freestanding structures:

  • Chimneys
  • Towers
  • Masts
  • Pylons (advertising pylons)
  • Other structures

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